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What Usually Causes Truck Tire Damage?

Trucks are used all the time, even if it’s just on a daily basis, so it’s only natural that they get damaged on occasion. Aside from being used all the time, trucks are also big and heavy, which makes them prone to damage. This is also why drivers need to check their tires regularly, and as soon as they notice any damage, make sure to have them checked by a professional mobile truck mechanic near you.

Aside from that, truck tires are big. That means they can be susceptible to different kinds of damage. Here are some of the common damages that truck tires suffer:

Cuts and cracks

There’s a chance that the tires will get cuts and cracks as they are exposed to different kinds of elements, especially if your truck is parked for a long time. This is why it’s important to know the signs of tire damage so you can take action before it gets worse. You can have your truck rotated regularly or have it checked by a professional truck mechanic.


The tires can also burst, which is something that you should never ignore. It usually happens when a tire is overinflated. Overinflated tires are dangerous, not only because they’re hard to repair but also because they can cause road accidents and tire blowouts, and also, they can cause personal injury.


If the tire is severely damaged, you should have it checked by a mechanic right away. This could be the beginning of a chain reaction that will end up with your truck breaking down on the road. Take note that this problem can be easily avoided if you have your truck regularly inspected by a professional mechanic.

If you notice any of these issues with your truck tires, call Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair. We are a mobile truck mechanic you can count on for efficient and effective services in LaGrange, GA. Reach us at (229) 894-7223 for inquiries and more information.

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